BOUM! arch is a licensed architectural studio whose practice spans the fields of architecture, design and digital arts. Through a multidisciplinary and innovative approach our aim is to support and enhance green, healthy and sustainable environment.  Entwining traditional dimensions of architecture with new technologies and digital media, we create new forms of expression able to address contemporary urban complexity and transformations.

The Studio

Lead by professionals with international experience, with over 15 years of practice at dozens of completed projects in Croatia and abroad, our new multidisciplinary studio manages the design and construction process in all its phases, from concept to execution, and beyond, to branding and marketing.

Through a close collaboration with Clients and construction professionals, we offer a fully customized and dedicated service aiming to collectively develop a project which tops in quality and values.

“Most of the wonderful places in the World were not made by architects but by the people”

                                                                                                                                         Christoph Alexander

Diversity & Experience

With a focus on sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible architecture, our work addresses the challenges of contemporaneity seeking to preserve the delicate balance between the urban and the natural, between the economically feasible and the environmentally sustainable, between social context and human well being.

Our design is experience oriented, having at its heart the experience of its users.

Acquainted in historic studies and restoration theory, we are

committed to the enhancement of urban context. Other than the historical and the cultural, we assess values of spatial context as well, in a way that informs and enriches the quality of a project.

We emphasize collaboration between all parties involved as it is crucial to the success of a project and strive to participate in the construction process with honesty, competence and expertise. We are dedicated to open and sincere communication as the key element to guarantee the achievement of all the goals of the specific project.



For Leisure



Sustainable Design

Pop-up Pavilions

Installation Art





“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist”

                                                                                                                                       Buckminster Fuller

Professional services

BOUM! arch offers an overseeing of the design process from concept to construction and beyond. We provide branding and merchandising;  services such as graphics, pictures, architectural renders, video, animations, publications, brochures, logos, etc. Before the project even starts we provide site analysis and feasibility studies.

As a licensed practice, we assist our Clients in the process of obtaining any building permit and license. Speaking fluently Croatian,  English and Italian, we are able to provide our services to a broad audience, either locally or internationally.

We develop with our Clients any minor architectural aspect of the building as well, such as interior layouts, bathroom design, interior design, color palettes, furniture collections, light design, design of facades, handrails and stairs, landscape architecture, pool and wellness design. 

We offer custom design of specific architectural elements, furniture and textured surfaces, working closely with a manufacturer to create unique pieces. We facilitate the purchase of building elements and furniture from abroad.


Landscape Design

Urban design


Interior Design

Kitchen Consulting

Bathroom Design

Facade Design

Furniture & Fixture

Light Design

Site Analysis

Master Planning

Acquisition & Selection

Cost Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Material Research

Brand Development

Marketing & Publishing

Signage & Environmental Graphics


Sustainability Consulting

Smart/Automation Consulting



“Il faut être absolument moderne”

                                                                                  Arthur Rimbaud

Digital arts

BOUM! arch integrates in its practice digital arts and new technologies as a fundamental component of today innovative design.

Our team is dedicated to the exploration and study of new forms of expression made possible by digital technologies, with the aim both of optimizing the architectural process and to impact the performances and the design of a building.

We design with our Clients solutions for the “smart” building,

with the aim of reducing operational and power costs, to enhance the flexibility of a building and to achieve innovative architectural solutions.

We offer digital services such as 3D representations, graphic design, animations and films, virtual reality, etc. useful in the planning phase and for the marketing of the project.

With a specialization in art theory and over 1o years experience in art exhibitions and theater design, we are committed to the arts.

3D Visualizations

Graphic design&brochures

Video Animations



Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality

Interactive Design


3D Printing